Rotary Kiln IncineratorManufacturer & Suppliers

We offer optimal quality Rotary Kiln Incinerator that help in carrying out disposal of waste materials. Treated wastes might be industrial waste or domestic. These systems reduce combustible waste into exhaust gaseous products and the incombustible waste into ash. Our systems are capable of reducing the weight of the wastes to a fraction of their original weight. Our products are duly lined with high grade cast-able cement and fitted with high quality gaskets to seal the doors when closed. And limit switch will be provided.

Ash removal doors are provided in the primary, secondary and settling chambers
Separate floor mounted weatherproof control panel housing operation in automatic control switches, digital type temp. controller for primary and secondary chamber
Temp. indicator for Scrubber and stack ON/OFF switches, fuses, sensors, hooter etc. complete with in all respect-duly lined with refractory materials and fitted with high quality packing to seal the door