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The incinerators are designed to achieve maximum destruction using advanced combustion technique. Further sufficient residence time, multi-chamber design and proper temperature of primary and secondary chambers are provided in the design.
This ensures exhaust to meet the environmental regulations/local emission standards. The flue gas from incinerator, if necessary, is further processed in the gas scrubber to eliminate suspension and toxicity. Waste heat recovery is also available to get short paybacks. High alumina insulation is provided in combustion chamber to maintain high temperature whereas the skin temperature is low.

The insulating material is selected based on waste characteristics.
Concentration in Falling Film / Forced Circulation Evaporator
Solid / Viscous / Liquid Waste:
Spray Drying Utilising flue /gas & process gas as heat source
Spin Flash Dryer followed by incinerator
Custom built incinerators – closed cycle loop.
Fluidized Bed Incinerator

Special Features:
Advanced combustion techniques
High destruction efficiency
Easy loading and ash removal
Batch type and continuous duty incinerators
Low maintenance
Scrubber and pollution control devices for meeting strict environment norms.
Customised waste heat recovery systems for short paybacks
Economically priced

Medical Waste Incinerator Animal Waste Incinerator Hazardous Waste Incinerator Poultry Waste Incinerator Rotary Kiln Incinerator Industrial Waste Incineartor Containerized Incinerators Portable Incinerator Bio Medical Waste Incinerators Hospital Waste Incinerators Waste Incinerators Municipal Waste Incinerators Garbage Waste Incinerators Waste Incineration Plants Liquid Waste Incinerators Sanitary Napkin Incinerators Solid Waste Incinerators Electric Incinerators General Waste Incinerators